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    CBD and You

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    In all of my years of being in the healthcare field, I have never experienced the growth and popularity of any product prescription or over the counter that has taken the country by storm as much as CBD. As you can imagine I have been bombarded by companies wanting us to sell their brand and by patients and physicians wanting to know is it valid and does it work. Even after one and a half years, I get email, calls and/or personal visits daily!

    When this first began, I had to take the time and do the research to determine which companies were legitimate and met our criteria. Being a pharmacy, we wanted a company that had experience, used third party testing and used top quality ingredients.

    We chose Green Roads and we chose right! They were one of the first companies in the United States and the formula was developed by a compounding pharmacist. They continue to get #1 awards every year. We are grateful, a local distributor, Coastal CBD introduced us to this great product. 

    Green Roads dedication to research is another reason we chose them. Currently, they are working with the University of Florida and just recently the co-founder Arby Barroso, came to the pharmacy and we all went to MUSC to meet with their cannabinoid researcher and with the SC Board of pharmacy to determine ways to work together.

    You can choose sublingual oils, Broad Spectrum (<0.3% THC) Isolate (0% THC) or Full Spectrum (up to 0.3% THC the legal amount), Topical creams, Gummies or Capsules.

    Just recently and just in time, they produced capsules with additional ingredients to help with sleep and relaxation and added delicious flavors of mint and kiwi/apple to their sublingual oils.

    The number one question is Does It Work? From our experience-YES it Does! We have had numerous customers come back and tell us their stories and once again all of us at the pharmacy use it! The top issues we and our customers have experienced symptom relief from are Anxiety, Sleep & Pain. 

    Personally, and I think research will show in the future, CBD a great preventive measure to use to maintain our health and well-being whether you have any symptoms or not.

    We do like to use local products when possible. Just recently we have added Clarity Nutraceuticals. Louis Miles, a local biochemist, has created capsules and a powder you can mix in liquids that contain just CBD, one named FLOW with CBD & Caffeine for Energy and one named ZEN with CBD & Theanine for Relaxation. 

    Another local company, The Hemp Collective, makes delicious gummies with Mixed Berry, Lemon and Peach flavors. We also carry their Full Spectrum 2000 mg oils in Lemon Honeysuckle and Peppermint.

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