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    Customized Pet Medications: Make Life Better!

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    Have you ever struggled giving your pet medication? It can be stressful for you and your pet especially if your pet is a cat. There are so many things I love about veterinary compounding:

    • Individually made for your pet just like our human medications
    • made in your pet’s favorite flavor
    • in a cream, liquid, gel or capsule


    • One of my favorite “make life easier solutions” – Medication in a cream/gel to rub on their ear

    Meet Pitt Street Pharmacy’s Featured Pet


    It is my pleasure to introduce you to one of our patients, Squeeky. That’s her in the photo. Isn’t she beautiful? Not only is she beautiful she has a very special story. Squeeky was a rescue cat found in Maryland and fostered there until she was well enough and old enough for her new owner to adopt her. Then she was transported via Meezer Express, (from www.siameserescue.org), an organization where volunteers take approximately one hour trips and hand the cat off to the next volunteer until they reach their destination. (I had never heard of this) Squeeky was picked up in North Carolina by her new owner. What a service!

    Squeeky came to Pitt Street Pharmacy through her veterinarian. Unfortunately, an ultrasound revealed she was born with small and malformed kidneys. Due to this she doesn’t feel much like eating. We were able to compound two medications to help her. One  to increase her appetite and reduce nausea and the other is to help with acid reflux. Both were made into a cream to rub in her ear. According to her owner, Squeeky is quite sneaky. She would run away when she saw her owner put the gel on her finger! What has worked is putting the gel on while she is eating! Mission accomplished.

    Even though Squeeky doesn’t feel the greatest, her owner states, ” She is still playing and still sleeping under the covers with me. Still hates one brother and loves sunny spots. And above all loves being petted. Oh, she also has a built in bikini.  🙂  Don’t tell her I showed you.”



    Squeeky is fortunate to have an owner that is loving and willing to provide the care she needs. We are fortunate every day to have the opportunity to help pets like Squeeky and their owners have an easier and happier life. Need help with your pet? Email us or give us a call.

    BTW, “Her name is Squeeky because she didn’t meow as a kitten. She made squeaky noises. She still doesn’t have much of a meow. More a single note.”

    Learn more about custom medicine for your pet at www.pittstreetpharmacy.com/pets/



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