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    Fungus Among Us

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    Now that the Fall and Winter months are upon us, it is a great time to take care of those toenails. It is easy to forget the fungus among us growing under there especially if you have kept them covered with polish. Toenail fungus can be eradicated, but it is a process. It may take three to six months but it is worth it to have healthy, nice looking nails that you don’t have to cover if you don’t want.

    I am sure you have seen the commercials advertising products for toenail fungus that are available with a prescription, but beware some are not as effective as their claims suggest.

    In addition, these drugs can be costly ($550 for a 4 ml bottle) and are often rejected by insurance. When they are covered, the copay may be unaffordable. As a result, patients often walk away without their medication, and their problems persist.The good news is we can compound a solution that meets your individual needs. We make multiple combination topical therapies with great outcomes and often MUCH lower costs.

    Guess which natural oil is used as a therapy for toenail fungus? One of my favorites-Tea Tree Oil! It has antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. We use it in several of our combination formulas.

    Ready to get your new looking nails? Give us a call or come by to discuss your options.

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