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    Testosterone: Is It Working For You?

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    Low T, Hypogonadism, Andropause

    These are the words associated with declining testosterone levels. I know you have seen the many commercials about Low T. It has become the new buzz word. Unfortunately, low testosterone has been associated mainly with sexual dysfunction which can certainly be a symptom, but what about all the other symptoms? www.pittstreetpharmacy.com/hormonetherapy. The top complaint we hear from patients at the pharmacy is “I don’t have any energy especially in the afternoon.”

    The good news is there are treatment options. You don’t have to feel like you are dying when you can be living the life you desire.

    So where do you start? As with any hormonal treatment plan, making lifestyle changes is a critical component and the least invasive to do.

    Lifestyle changes includes a healthy eating plan that promotes loss of excess weight and fat; an active exercise program with both aerobic and weight-resistant activities, reducing excessive alcohol (notice I didn’t say quit) and of course, if you smoke I am going to say quit smoking.  Making these changes can boost testosterone production and keep excess estrogen at bay. Yes, men have estrogen, too! ie man boobs and beer bellies!

    How do you know if testosterone supplementation is for you? Get Tested.

    Having baseline levels of Free & Total Testosterone, Estradiol. Hemoglobin, Hematocrit and PSA can help determine if you are a candidate for testosterone therapy and if so, where to begin with a dosage. You may benefit from additional testing depending on your individual needs.

    If Testosterone supplementation is for you it can be administered in several ways:  topical gels, injections, pellets and sublingually. While all of these options have been used for years, the greatest benefit seems to come from topical gels. We have had great success with them.  It is easy to use, easily absorbed and it doesn’t have the peaks and valleys associated with the other forms of administration. It’s Kim’s favorite! Looks like it works to me.

    Have questions ? Ready to get started? We can work with your physician to determine the best customized medication for you.

    We are here to listen, answer your questions and help you create a plan to feel your best at any age!


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