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Weight Loss

Fast & Simple

    Weight Loss

    Are you struggling to get those excess pounds off?

    We offer a great way to lose weight!

    Fast & Simple

    We provide a Free consultation and Tracker Guide to help you be successful!

    The Pitt Street Pharmacy Weight Loss Program

    Our weight loss plan combines a low calorie diet with a high quality compounded hormone. These two factors work together to burn a significant quantity of fat in a short period of time without reducing your muscle mass.

    The hormone does three important things:

    • Keeps you from feeling hungry
    • Tells your body to use the sub-cutaneous fat stores for energy
    • You lose fat, not muscle!

    *The hormone requires a prescription from your doctor. It is available in a nasal spray or sublingual drops.┬áThere isn’t any packaged food or shakes to purchase. Real food. Real Simple.

    Free Consultation

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