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    HCG: Lose Weight, Lose Fat, Reset Your Metabolism, Really???

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    Have you tried every diet that comes a long and still can’t lose the weight? Or you have lost the weight only to gain it back again. Many of us have experienced the endless search to find what works for us. Over the years I have tried several myself. Beginning with my very first diet at the early age of 10. Yes, I was a fat kid. My nickname was “Fatnin” thanks to my cousin, Gene.

    Even though I was a very active child I lived to eat. I loved FOOD! Still do! Being from the South, especially when I was a kid, everything was fried and served with a good helping of gravy. The gravy was made in an iron frying pan using fatback and flour, browned and seasoned to perfection. My favorite was homemade biscuits and gravy. I can still taste it now! Back then when I was trying to lose weight I would tear my biscuit in tiny pieces and put it in the gravy hoping it would last longer. It didn’t.

    My Mom was a nurse and she was obsessed with my weight and for a good reason. Not only was she concerned about my health but she was afraid I was going to be fat like my favorite aunt whom I spent a lot of time with doing our favorite things: listening to music and eating. She was an awesome cook and baker. And she weighed over 300 pounds.

    In her pursuit to help me lose weight, my Mom tried everything including hypnosis which was pretty unheard of back then. Hypnosis helped along with my  grandmother starting me on the infamous Grapefruit Diet, which was popular in the 60’s. It did work. I lost 25 pounds and kept it off but my identity as a fat child never left my mind and I had a fear of gaining weight.  If I felt the weight creeping back on I would get it off pretty quickly.

    Then along came the hormonal shifts, which made it harder to lose weight. I also discovered I was Gluten, Lactose, Egg & Soy intolerant. This becomes a challenge when you love food. Even if you cut out all of those foods you will not lose weight  IF you don’t eat correct proportions and continue eating foods laden with sugar and bad fat  including the many  “Gluten Free” products that are available now.

    Even with cutting out all the “intolerances” I never cut out sugar. My biscuits and gravy were always followed by buttered biscuits and jelly. Ending every meal with something sweet was a Southern tradition I couldn’t seem to kick.

    Now, for the first time in my life, I can say I have finally kicked the habit. I really don’t crave sugar anymore! The HCG Diet Plan got me back on track with eating the right foods in the right proportions. I REALLY did lose weight-15 pounds in 30 days; I Really lost fat not muscle and it Really did reset my metabolism.

    So What is the HCG Diet Plan: It is a Very Low Calorie Diet along with HCG medication.

    Here is the Skinny on it:

    The HCG diet has been around for many years. It was discovered as a way to lose weight by British Endocrinologist, A.T.W. Simeon, While studying calorie deficient pregnant women and Frolich’s Syndrome (“fat boys” with pituitary problems) The protocol was HCG in combination with a customized ultra-low calorie diet-500 calories/day, high protein, low carbohydrate/low fat. The protocol resulted in the loss of adipose tissue with out loss of lean tissue. His results, titled Pounds and Inches-A New Approach to Obesity. If you want to read it, the transcript is available online, and can be found by searching for the title. Little has changed in the protocol used today. http://www.thehcgdiet.com/pdf/pounds-and-inches-by-dr-a-t-w-simeons.pdf

    The bottom line is most people are going to lose weight if they stick to 500 calories a day but most likely you will get to the point you could eat cardboard if it is put in front of you if you don’t have something to curb your appetite.

    As with most things I support, I had to  try it for myself to believe it. Kim, our owner, has been a huge fan of the HCG Diet Plan ever since he did it 5 years ago and lost 25 lbs. He has kept it off and so have I as well as many of our patients that have done it. http://pittstreetpharmacy.com/weight-loss-programs/

    If you struggle with weight loss, slow metabolism and fat you can’t get off and you would like to learn more about the HCG Diet Plan attend our talk on Tuesday, October 25, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. at Pitt Street Pharmacy.

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