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    Nutrafol: nutraceutical supplement for healthy hair growth

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    Hair thinning and poor hair health is a widespread issue that affects at least 50% of women by age 50 and 40% of men by age 35. We’ve been reviewing Nutrafol over the past few month and are now offering it for sale in the pharmacy. It is a neutraceutical which does not require a prescription and we are excited about what it offers to our patients who are dealing with hair loss and thinning.

    Nutrafol is formulated with 100% drug-free, nutraceutical ingredients clinically shown to improve hair growth. Stress, genetics, diet, and environmental toxins all compromise hair health. Nutrafol gets to the root of all these issues, improving hair from within.

    A resent study evaluating Nutrafol’s effectiveness of promoting hair growth in women was published in the Journal Of Drugs In Dermatology. The results confirmed Nutrafol’s statistically significant effect on women’s hair health, revealing increased hair growth in subjects with self-perceived thinning hair, along  with beneficial changes in key hair quality and wellness.

    81% saw improvement in hair growth

    77% observed noticeable growth of new hair

    81% improvement in hair thickness

    Read more about the study here.

    You can always call the pharmacy to talk more with me about this new product, or any of your healthcare concerns. We are committed to working with you and your healthcare providers to get you to your optimal health!

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