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Compounding for Patients


    Compounding enables us to formulate specialized medication as prescribed by physician, dentist or even your pet’s veterinarian. Compounding serves many roles, especially when it comes to dosage levels, allergies, and even different forms that meet a patient’s intake preferences.

    Pain is the most common symptom which drives people to seek medical help. Compounding offers personalized pain relief, and compounding also offers options when it comes to intake, including gels, creams and troches that can dissolve under the tongue. Learn more about compounding for Pain Management>

    Skin, Nails & Hair!  Acne, rejuvenate skin, look more youthful, reduce the appearance of scars, or to treat nail fungus, dandruff or other conditions, Compounding provides a wide variety of personalized treatment options. Go here to learn more about Compounding for Dermatology>