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    Pitt Street Weight Loss Program Testimonial

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    We love hearing great feedback from our patients. Margo wanted to share her great results – along with before and afters – with our other patients!

    Dear Kim,

    These before pics were taken on 6/18 at 150 lbs and the afters taken on 7/13 at 132 lbs after the Pitt Street Weight Loss Program. I did 3 weeks of maintenance after the diet, and because I like to tempt fate, I have cheated numerous times but my weight has always stayed between 132 and 134. I have been trying to get into the low 130’s since 2008 and this worked!! I am now off Lipitor and my hypothyroidism is no longer affecting me.

    I am 55 yo and a double breast cancer survivor. My first breast cancer was in 1993 at age 31 when I had a tumor in my left breast, I had a lumpectomy, chemo, and radiation. I got it again, a new occurrence not a recurrence in the right breast in 2000 at age 37. I had chemo than radiation but the radiation was painful so we cancelled that. I also had the BRAC gene so in 2001 I decided to have everything done at once. In May 2001, I underwent 8 hours of surgery which included a complete double mastectomy, bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy and TRAM flap reconstruction.


    Thank you all SO much!

    ❤ Margo

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