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    Back in October we sent you a notice through our eNewsletter about the FDA (AKA Big Pharma) trying to take away your right to choose cBHT (Compounded Bioidentical Hormone Therapy) and your physician’s right to prescribe it. There was a link for you to send a letter to your congressman. We appreciate those of you that took the time to do this.

    In November, we posted a link on our FB page for you to send your personal testimonial to The Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding. They are collecting all of the testimonials to be sent to Congress.


    We have been on calls with our state representatives and lobbyists voicing our concern about the need to protect compounded bioidentical hormone therapy. If you haven’t had the opportunity to voice your opinion, we are enclosing a letter from one of our physicians that thankfully is actively involved. We thought you may be interested in her perspective:


    Life without hormone optimization- What would yours be?

    In what appears to be an attempt to create drug company monopolies the FDA is trying to ban cBHRT (compounded bioidentical hormone therapy). It is up to all of us to protect our access to cBHRT and we need to protect it now.

    The FDA has a long history of siding with big pharma against independent compounding pharmacies and their prescriptions. Attacking compounded hormones is just one of the many ways the FDA and the federal government bolster drug monopolies and undermine natural health options creating insurmountable barriers to access natural medicines. This is not acceptable, and it is up to us to stop them.

    Dr. Mickey Barber is working with a group of physicians and lobbyists to protect cBHRT. The Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding is compiling patient testimonials to present to Congress, and we need yours.

    We beat the FDA when they tried to ban estriol in 2008, and we can beat them again, but only if we do it together! We cannot let the federal government interfere with our health or our access to holistic medicine.

    It’s easy to forget what hormone therapy has done when we feel better. So now think back and remember your life before and ask yourself – Do I want to go back? If we don’t stop them the choice will no longer be yours.

    Please help us to save your health, and the health of millions of others by sending us your patient testimonial stating what hormone therapy has done for you. These testimonials will only be used for the purpose of protecting cBHRT, not for the promotion of Better Life Carolinas.

    Thank you for your urgent attention to this matter!

    Better Life Carolinas
    Dr. Mickey Barber


    Send Your Testimonial to the Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding to have your voice make a difference in your right to choose cBHT and your physician’s right to prescribe it.


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