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A Lowcountry Tradition
Since 1937

Discover the Difference of Personalized Care

The personal difference is felt in every area of Pitt Street Pharmacy.

Soda Fountain
Sundry Shop

Located in the Historic
Old Village of Mt Pleasant


Compounding is personalized medicine for men, women, children & pets. Just like Pharmacists of old, our Pharmacists at Pitt Street Pharmacy specialize in compounding. Compounding allows us to formulate unusual or commercially unavailable prescriptions that your physician, dentist or even your pet’s veterinarian may prescribe. Unlike most pharmacies in the United States, Pitt Street Pharmacy is a compounding-only facility, which means we make practically every prescription item that we sell – this is why it is very important to learn about and trust the pharmacy that you choose.

Soda Fountain

The place where generations have grown up, memories are made, movies are filmed and locals, tourists and celebrities feel at home.

Come In. Slow Down. Relax. Enjoy.

About Us

Some things change with time, but Pitt Street Pharmacy has proven itself impervious to the changes of time. Our customers still receive the same friendly trustworthy service. We still deliver, and our soda fountain is still the most popular place in town. Ask anyone around here and they will tell you. Pitt Street is still the center of the old village and Pitt Street Pharmacy is still the heart of it all.

Hormone Therapy

Hormone Therapy for Men and Women.
Not feeling like yourself lately?
Talk to us.
We Listen. We Educate. We Give Hope.


Just like our human patients, our pets can benefit from compounded medications, too. We can make the Right medication in the Right dosage, Right flavor and Right way for your pet!


Help restore your health and wellness with supplements recommended for your individual needs. We pride ourselves on setting the standard of having the highest quality, innovative, nutritional formulas, vitamins, minerals, and herbs in the professional marketplace.





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