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    When we opened our doors over 75 years ago, Pitt Street was Mount Pleasant’s main shopping district.  Everything anyone wanted was right here – the post office, the grocery store, the hardware store – even the town doctor, Otis Pickett.  Pitt Street was the center of the old village; Pitt Street Pharmacy was the heart. People came here for their aspirin, Band-Aids, hair tonics, and body lotion; the latest fashion magazines, best selling paperbacks, or the newest Superman comic book.

    Washington “Wattie” Zeigler, RPh opened the Pharmacy in 1937 at 121 Pitt Street.  In 1951, the Pharmacy was moved a few doors down to its present location.  Dr. Zeigler died in 1982.  He left the store to his wife, Della, Gene Whitley, RPh and Lavern James, RPh.  Their commitment to the pharmacy lasted generations as Gene and Lavern worked here for 37 and 32 years respectively. Della continued to work until the age of 79 when she retired with almost 60 years of service at Pitt Street Pharmacy.

    about usThroughout the years, scores of Mt. Pleasant children and teenagers have carved their name in the old black soda fountain counter, taking with them wonderful memories in return.  There is plenty about the Pitt Street Pharmacy worth remembering.  It’s the kind of place where time seems to move at a slower pace, and people have time to be friendlier.

    For villager’s, it was simply part of daily life to stop at our soda fountain for ice cream, a malted milkshake or grilled cheese sandwich.  We have probably filled a prescription for every man, woman and child who grew up in the village; if someone could not get here personally, we delivered to them and we still do.

    Some things change with time, but Pitt Street Pharmacy has proven itself impervious to the changes of time.  Our customers still receive the same friendly trustworthy service.  We still deliver, and our soda fountain is still the most popular place in town.  Ask anyone around here and they will tell you.  Pitt Street is still the center of the old village and Pitt Street Pharmacy is still the heart of it all.


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    Kim graduated from Clemson University, Clemson, SC in Pre-Professional Studies, 1975 and earned a B.S. in Pharmacy at Medical University of SC, Charleston, SC, 1978.

    Before purchasing Pitt Street Pharmacy, Kim opened the first northeast based, Fay’s drugs in Forest City, N.C. The southern division was sold to Rite-Aid and he moved with Rite-Aid to Mt. Pleasant, SC and ran it for 1 year. He then became Vice President of Family Pharmaceuticals of America, Inc., a nationwide mail service pharmacy, located in Mt Pleasant, SC for 12 years. Kim and his wife, Katie, purchased Pitt Street Pharmacy in 1996 with the goal of continuing the tradition of excellence began by Dr. Zeigler in 1937.

    Kim is originally from Heath Springs, SC and other than a 1 year hiatus has lived and worked in the Mt. Pleasant area since 1978. Kim and his bride of 25 years, Katie, currently live across the street from the pharmacy in the Old Village of Mt. Pleasant, SC.

    Along with being co-owner of Pitt Street Pharmacy, Katie has been an administrator/teacher at Charleston Day School for almost 35 years. They have two sons. Will, age 33, graduated from Clemson University and lives in the Republic of Georgia (near Russia) where he works as a journalist. Townes is 24 years old and graduated from Clemson University with a degree in Forestry. He lives in Summerton and works for Delta Timber Company.

    Kim is a member of Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church and has served as a Deacon, Elder, Clerk of Session and a member of the church’s medical mission team to Honduras.

    Kim’s other passions are Clemson football, hunting and music (especially bluegrass). “I am blessed to be able to live, work, and worship in the Old Village of Mt. Pleasant, where the Mayberry, RFD feeling is alive and well.”