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Not feeling like yourself lately?
Talk to us.
We Listen. We Educate. We Give Hope.

We provide free, individual hormone education and consultation in person or by phone.

Experience Matters!
We have over 60 years of combined experience in bioidentical hormone therapy.

Your hormones. Your life. Start livin’ it!
Male or female, as you enter the best years of your life, take the initiative to prevent hormonal imbalance from inhibiting the lifestyle you want to live. 


Take Control of Your Health

Roz Adams, also known as the “Hormone Lady,” has been educating patients and healthcare practitioners about bioidentical hormones, the hormone connection to the mind, body, spirit and the advantages of compounding for 21 years. She is a wealth of knowledge, and shares her recommendations for the supplements that may be right for you in free, one-on-one consultations in the pharmacy.

Hormone Testing

A simple test…one individualized solution.

One non-invasive test – a simple saliva sample – speaks volumes about your body. And it provides the road map for compounded hormone gels and creams, sublingual tablets or oral capsules containing the exact formula your body needs. Rather than simply treating your symptoms, a specially formulated compound of bioidentical hormones replenishes your missing hormones. No “cookie cutter” dose. No synthetic hormones. Just your own unique prescription to get your hormones – and your life – back on track.

The saliva test is free and you can come pick it up from us here at Pitt Street Pharmacy. Give me a call or email me to set up a time to talk about your unique situation and let’s get you back on track!


Menopause and Perimenopause are the words we hear associated with women’s hormones. The truth is women’s hormone levels can become imbalanced at any age! We have patients from the 20’s to the 80’s. Hormone balance is not just about the pauses, it is about total health, looking and feeling good no matter what your age. Here are a few things that could be signs that hormone therapy could be beneficial:
Feel like you are going crazy
Waking up between 2-4am
Eating right, exercising, but still can’t lose weight
ZERO sex drive
Too tired to care.

Click here for our complete symptoms checklist. 


Men need hormones, too!
In men, testosterone levels begin to decrease at age 30 by around one percent a year. By age 70, a man can have up to 50 percent less testosterone. Some signs that you, or the man in your life. could benefit from hormone therapy include:
Crashing in the afternoon
Can’t focus or concentrate
Muscle or strength declining
Increased belly fat
Sex drive not what it used to be

Click here for our complete symptoms checklist. 

Hormone Therapy

Hormone Therapy for Men and Women.
Not feeling like yourself lately?
Talk to us.
We Listen. We Educate. We Give Hope.


Just like our human patients, our pets can benefit from compounded medications, too. We can make the Right medication in the Right dosage, Right flavor and Right way for your pet!


Help restore your health and wellness with supplements recommended for your individual needs. We pride ourselves on setting the standard of having the highest quality, innovative, nutritional formulas, vitamins, minerals, and herbs in the professional marketplace.





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